WinGlacier provides a secure scalable solution to manage your Amazon Glacier archives. We bring enterprise-level encryption, compression & usability to the low-cost storage service through this product, and support it with our expertise in the dynamic cloud computing space.

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WinGlacier simplifies management of archives on the Amazon Glacier Service. Normally you need to write code to interact with the Glacier API to use Glacier. WinGlacier does all the hard work for you, and lets you manage all your archives through an intuitive screen.

Glacier stores an id and a description when you upload a file. WinGlacier adds other information such as file-name, machine the file was uploaded from, etc. to a datastore (dynamodb) on your AWS account. This makes the archives much more meaningful when you browse them later. Since the information is stored in your AWS account, you have it no matter which machine you use to browse.

WinGlacier offers compression of your files (folders are automatically zipped before upload).

WinGlacier offers checksum validation, automatic synchronization of archive information, password encryption, multiple concurrent file transfers, etc. You can see a list of features for our products on the download page.

We offer integrated service packages with support, customization and consulting assistance with tech strategy & application development for enterprise clients. Please contact us for more information.

Experts at JTJ Ventures have done the research and built a world class tool to take full advantage of Amazon Glacier capabilities. Cloud archival continues to evolve. We will continue to enhance WinGlacier as Glacier introduces new features, and create new tools to help you take advantage of the cloud.

Amazon Glacier

Amazon Glacier is an extremely low-cost offline storage service. Storage costs 1¢ a GB per month, Amazon Glacier customers can store files (sizes anywhere between 0 to 40 TB) on a secure and durable infrastructure platform.

It is ideal for storing archives such as emails, media files, old data and other business records which need to be kept for business and regulatory reasons. It is a very low cost backup / disaster recovery option.

Amazon Glacier offers the advantages of scalability, the need to only pay for what you use, having no physical storage on premise, no upfront costly hardware expenses, low initial and ongoing costs, and archival in a global highly available secure environment.

You can learn more about glacier here.